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Bienvenue sur le site ¨A Song pour Japan" (une chanson pour le? Japon).
Ce projet a ete cree par les trombonistes japonais qui resident en dehors du Japon ainsi que tous les amis tromboniste etranger. Cela permettra de soutenir en musique les victimes de la catastrophe du nord du Japon.
Nous presentons toutes nos condoleances aux familles touchees par la castatrophe.

La zone touchee est tellement vaste qu'il ne s'agit pas d'une ville, ni d'une region, mais c'est une grande partie du pays qui a ete devastee.
Les degats sont d'une ampleur si importante que cela va prendre un temps considerable pour reconstruire la vie des sinistres. Bilan du seisme et du tsunami du 11 mars sur la cote Pacifique de Tohoku Japon:

* Magnitude : 9.0
* Tsunami : 20 metres de haut, 38 metres a Iwate
* 14133 victimes / 13346 portes disparus
* Refugies : plus de 132571 personnes

* Surface detruite : 135 000 KM2
 ? - 5 fois la surface de la region Languedoc-Roussillon
* Coupure de courant : 240 000 foyers
* Coupure d'eau : 1 010 000 foyers
* Coupure de gaz : 440 000 foyers
* Maisons entierement detruites : 15 000 foyers
* Repliques entre les 11 et 18 mars : 262 secousses de Magnitude 5 ou plus. Depuis, plus de 50 secousses ressenties chaque jour

Nous ne pouvons rien faire sur place mais quelques concerts de charite permettront de ne pas oublier la tragedie et surtout d'envoyer un message d'espoir pour l'avenir a tous nos compatriotes.? Vous pourrez retrouver sur ce site des partitions a telecharger gratuitement pour vos concerts de charites.

Les membres de l'organisation.


Play & Support

Trombone players can create various opportunities to play for and support Japan. In concerts in halls, theaters, lobbies, foyers or schools. Short performances as a part of general charity events or a concert of your belonging band. If allowed, street lives, too. Share a moment with audience and think together about people of Japan.

You can put some memorial pieces in the program of your concerts. Click "sheetmusic" for free download.

Upload a video of your performance and spread this to all over the world!

Record your performance of this piece and put it on Youtube with your message!!
Put it on Youtube with your message to Japan. When you do this, please show the name of the composer and a link to this website, for example, on the program books of your concert, by your speech, and/or with descriptions or tags of your Youtube movie, so people who saw your playing will be able to find this site and various versions of the sheetmusic and this song will be performed and heard again and again all over the world! If you have collected money of donations, please let us know by Email, how the event went, how much money you collected and where you sent it. We would like to introduce your activities on this site!

Information of Any Memorial Music Wanted

We are looking for any new composition or arrangement written in thoughts of the East-Japan Earthquake Tsunami and the people of Japan. By share the information of the repertoire with the rest of the world, many people can also play those music in their concerts.Existing piece or arrangement which is good for performing for the same purposes is also welcome.
If you know anything, send an E-mail to with the information of the piece and how to get the sheetmusic of it.


Reliability and Policies

You can download and use everything on this website for free.
It is strictly forbidden for anybody to use it to get or try to get any economical profit for an individual, a group or a company without any doings for charity.

After you collected some donations by, for example, playing this piece, please send the money to any institution of your choice. It would be great if you could report to us by Email, how your event went, how much money of donations you collected and where you sent it, so we would like to introduce your activities on this website. Anyway, please do not forget to record your performance of this piece and put it on Youtube.
You can, of course, send us the money that you have collected. We will send it to the Japan Red Cross Society with our full responsibilities. The money that we collect by selling the goods (T-shirts, stickers etc.) will be sent to the Japan Red Cross, too.



Project Manager (in charge) :Takashi Shinagawa (Japan / Netherlands / Germany)
Technical Coordinator:Martin Schippers (Netherlands)
Sound Engineer : Martin van den Berg (Netherlands)
Composer: Steven Verhelst (Belgium)
Japanese Painting (Shodo) : Keiko Shinagawa (Japan)
Special Support : International Trombone Ensemble (Netherlands)

Kostas Alexandris (Greek)
Victor Belmonte Albert (Spanish)
Diana Byazarti (Russian)
Yasuko Limoge (French)
Philippe Limoge (French)
Ben Schultz (English)
Klaas van Slageren (Netherlands)
Yuzo Soma (German)
Barbara Varassi (Spanish, Italian)
Noel Wallace (English)
Johannes Weidner (German)

Telephone: +49(0)176 7602 9893 (Takashi)
Youtube Account: asongforjapan